WRR – Revaluing Culture

The cultural sector is increasingly facing questions about its value for society and the economy. In the first place, however, attention needs to be focused on strengthening the cultural sector itself. Only then can the sector take on new challenges. Cultural policy can make a key contribution here. At present, artists, cultural entrepreneurs and cultural institutions are missing too many opportunities, partly because of a lack of knowledge about their potential public, deficiencies in the match between arts education and the labour market and the limited role played by private investment in funding the cultural sector. These are some of the points raised in the WRR report ‘Revaluing culture’ (Cultuur herwaarderen) that was presented earlier this year to the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ms. Jet Bussemaker.

Kijktijd: 7:55
Publisher: ScientificCouncilWRR

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