Opening – Human Rights Weekend 2019

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This year’s Human Rights Weekend invites you to reflect: what is your opinion on important human rights issues of our time? How are you indirectly involved in human rights violations elsewhere? What role could you play in defending human rights?


Sigrid Kaag – Netherlands Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
Kenneth Roth – Executive Director at Human Rights Watch
Katrien van der Linden – Netherlands Director at Human Rights Watch
Yoeri Albrecht – Director at De Balie

Find out where you stand and learn more about human rights by participating in a weekend of films, discussions and photography. Meet film directors, Human Rights Watch researchers, journalists, members of parliament and others and discover your position on topics such as the link between modern slavery and your seafood, the challenges to democracy and migration in Europe, increasing pressure on media freedom, forgotten war crimes and the impact of artificial intelligence on human rights.

Language: English

Livestream 2019-02-07

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SALTO 1 – Publieke Omroep Amsterdam
Iedere zondag om 20:00 uur. Herhalingen op diverse dagen en tijden. Uitgezonden video’s:

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Publisher: De Balie

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