Celebrating Dissent: Interview Marathon part 2: Zineb El Rhazoui 2019 08 30

This interview marathon offers an in-depth and intimate conversation with some of the keynote speakers of Celebrating Dissent. They share their personal stories. What drives them in their professional lives and how are they trying to make a difference through their work?

All of the speakers have made huge sacrifices in order to live their lives according to their own ideals. Their believes have cost them their personal safety and the possibility to live in the country where they were born. Nonetheless, they continue their fight against oppression, for equal rights and women’s rights.

Every hour one speaker will be interviewed by a programmemaker of De Balie. During the marathon it is possible to stretch your legs and walk in and out. Guests are invited to bring food and drinks from De Balie’s restaurant to the interviews.

Zineb El Rhazoui is a Moroccan-born French journalist. She used to be a journalist of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, where she was absent on the day of the murderous attack. After that she became the most protected woman in France. She is a passionate critic of Islam and a prominent secularist.

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